World Book Day Extravaganza 2014 - Day 1

The World Book Day Extravaganza 2014 has begun! At Dubray Books in Galway, today we played hos to a total of 122 local school children from 4 different schools, and I have to say, they were all brilliant! Many, many thanks to Maria Burke, who throroughly enthralled and intrigued the children with readings from her books; The Ark of Dun Ruah and it's sequel, Protectors of the Flame. Maria also made quite a number of new fans in Galway, as many of the children returned later to ask me to be sure to have her books in when they get their allowance! (If you haven't read the books yet, I strongly suggest you do... book three will be out later this year!)
And, of course, no one left without one of the wonderful books from the special World Book Day book selection. All in all, a great day!
Excitement over the WBD selection

Maria reads from The Ark of Dun Ruah
Maria Burke


  1. It sounds wonderful! But as I'd never heard of World Book Day, I looked it up. Can you tell me, please, the difference between the WBD on March 6 and the one on April 23?

  2. World Book Day, on March 6th, is celebrating it's 17th anniversary this year. It's all about children and books. Each year, the WBD people publish a specially chosen selection of bboks for children of all ages. Schools are sent out special WBD vouchers, which, this year, are valid from March 3rd through March 30. Each book in the selection costs only ONE voucher. This is a way of getting books to children...and sometimes to children who may not have any other access to books of their own. (you may also be able to get the vouchers from local booksellers.)
    On April 23rd, we celebrate World Book Night. World Book Night is also a celebration of reading and books, but the main emphasis is fiction for adults. There are specially selected books, 20 in all. Passionate volunteers take books out into the community and give them away... for free... no strings attached. It is run by The Reading Agency, a charity with a mission to give everyone an equal chance to become a reader.... because everything in your life changes when you read.


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