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The Rights of the Reader

Summer is here and we do encourage summer reading with numerous incentives and programmes. It is important for children (of all ages) to 'keep their reading up' outside of school time. This is the time when kids develop their own taste in books and can be free to read books of their own choosing. And this is the single most important factor in young people developing a lifelong reading habit.
But how do we, as the 'gatekeepers' of kids reading, encourage them properly without running the risk of thrusting pressure and our own ideas on them? Do that and you'll run the risk of pushing them away from reading, and there are already so many distractions for the young reader to contend with that can tempt them elsewhere.
In 1992, French writer Daniel Pennac originally published this little gem of a book; The Rights of the Reader. I highly recommend it. It was conceived out of his experiences teaching students in "challenging" schools, where perhaps reading was…

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