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Interesting bit of information for all you bibliophiles...and all of us in general. In Iceland, in the run-up to Christmas, the country absolutely revels in its' annual jólabókaflóð ; which is Icelandic for "Christmas book flood". This refers to the fact that new books are generally only published during the Christmas season in Iceland. All newly published books are listed in a catalog-type annual called the Book News ( bókatíðindi) and distributed free to every household. On Christmas Eve, Icelandic people open their gifts (books, of course) and then spend the rest of the evening reading, snuggle up in bed with books and, perhaps, some chocolate. This is a traditional mainstay of the culture. The Icelandic passion for books and literature dates back to the Middle Ages. The volume of books published, purchased and read per year out-strips other countries by a significant margin. And it doesn't show any signs of slowing down. To the good book-loving people of Ic

Getting Ready for Santa

It's been so very, very busy this year! I can hardly believe we're at the 22nd of December. At home and at work, I've still so much to and I just know that, once again (like most of you) it will be right down to the wire. I hope you've been enjoying the Advent Calendar of Books page. It's a joy for me each Christmas season. Todays' entry had to be How the Grinch Stole Christmas. We need a little reminder this time each year to remember why we enter into all this madness. Look  at all the little Whos surrounding you; enjoy the wonder and joy in their hearts and eyes and be a little bit more like that! As Santa will be coming in just under 2 days (depending on where you are on the globe), once again it's time to prepare to track him on his voyage...fabulous fun. A big thank you to NORAD for setting this up all those years ago. Here's the link so you can join in.... and work out when Santa will be arriving to your home! (I get soooo excited....) http

Tenth of December

Happy Book-mas! I don't know what it is about this day. When we reach the tenth of December, everything seems much more's actually happening. Here, in Galway, the weather has hit, the winds are howling, showers of rain burst out of the sky and we are all grateful to be warm... but we are all really busy!!! Don't let the rush of the season take over so easily. It's not about the's about the time. Take the time to read with your children, have hot chocolate and biscuits in the evening before bed, wear warm socks...and ENJOY! This season comes but once a year.

Books for winter!

I hope you are all enjoying the Advent Calendar of Books. It is one of my favourite ways to share a selection of wonderful books to make the winter and the holidays a wondrous time. Nothing beats snuggling up with a great book. This is a habit I encourage from childhood through to old age. In the bookshop, I've devoted a shelf in the 8-12 section. A small but fantastic selection to warm the heart, mind and imagination in the dreary winter months. I thought I'd give you all a glimpse..... From left to right, the books are: The Twistrose Key by Tone Almhjell...a favourite from last year, now out in paperback. And what a gem it is! The Haunting of Charity Delafield by Ian Beck....a magical dream of a tale that transports you from Charitys' privileged isolated world into another realm. Winterkill by Kate Boorman...The Councils' rules are strict and suffocating, but necessary for the good of the settlement. Grave danger awaits any who venture to the other side of the