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THE MUSIC OF FOLK TALES: The Quiet Music Of Gently Falling Snow by Jackie Morris

Over 15 years ago, best-selling author and illustrator Jackie Morris was commissioned by  the charity Help Musicians UK to create designs for Christmas Cards. Each of the 16 images, filled with complex detail and exquisite rendering were produced at the rate of one per year. As you can imagine, these were the type of Christmas cards that you held onto, gazed at over and over again and cherished. Based on those images, Jackie created this book, which has now been republished in a compact gift edition... THE QUIET MUSIC OF GENTLY FALLING SNOW author/illustrator: Jackie Morris  Graffeg Ltd. (20 August 2020) ISBN: 9781912654987 A lyrical collection of interconnected folk-tale type stories that have been "worked backwards" (in Jackies' own words) woven in and around the commissioned illustrations, this book is simply extraordinary. The stories unfold intuitively, creating a landscape and journey fired by the ever-present music that establishes a path of sound and fe


Dolores loves bees! She had been learning and researching bees and became inspired to write a picture book to share her knowledge and information with children to aid their understanding and appreciation of these marvelous little creatures that do so much for life on planet Earth. So 12 years ago, her picture book journey began with a wonderful book called "If I Were A Bee." Since that time, she has published 12 more childrens' books (one with some storytelling help by her grandchildren), all with her beautiful, instantly recognisable painterly illustrations. And now, we are back to the bees with her latest...Dee the Bee. Dee the Bee author/illustrator: Dolores Keaveney Starfish Bay Childrens Books (1 September 2020) ISBN: 9781760360962 Do you know what you would do if you were a bee? One bee; Dee the Bee is very busy! It's her job to pollinate all the fruits and vegetables she can  possibly find, flying from plant to plant, garden to garden, tree to tree. Pollination

WHY PICTURE BOOKS MATTER: Somewhere To Go, Adventures To Have

Here we are in August, trying to squeeze in that last moment of summer holiday before we (fingers and toes crossed) get the kids back to school. But it is difficult. Traveling away from our immediate surroundings is, and in these pandemic times, should be restricted. We need to stay safe and well! And maybe you aren't in the position to go anywhere! But we are all restless, particularly when thinking about what to do to give our children some joy, to have adventures. Picturebooks can help! There's a big, wide world out there, filled with laughter, excitement and wonder...and who knows? Some of these may inspire you to have some adventures of your own....even if you have nowhere to go. The Walloos' Big Adventure by Anuska Allepuz (Walker Books ISBN: 9781406362411) takes us away from their small, rocky island on an tropical-exotic island adventure all of Little Walloos' own devising. The entire clan gets pulled in, just as excited about sailing away as Old Walloo and Litt