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World Book Day 2018!

World Book Day 2018 is very near! This Thursday, 1st March marks the 22nd annual World Book Day. I know you are all used to me going on about this for months ahead of time (well, it is my favourite day/week/month of the year) and may have noticed I have been noticeably quiet this year. Ordinarily I would have been pestering authors, illustrators and storytellers and packing the shop out with school classes to bring in as many local school children as I possibly could fit (my record is 690) to share the joy and excitement of books and reading and to try to make clear the difference that books can make in the lives of children of every age. It is with sorrow that I tell you that due to circumstances, I will not be holding my World Book Day Extravaganza this year. I have a few events planned myself and will let you know what's happening. But I want to hear all about yours! What wonderful events do you have planned? And let's not forget the fabulous World Book Day Books

Rocking The System (in Galway!)

I am incredibly excited about this book! As we celebrate 100 years of Womens' Suffrage and honour the fantastic and inspirational women throughout history, Rocking the System by Siobhan Parkinson (illustrated by Bren Luke) has been released into the wild recently and I think it's publisher, Little Island have every right to be extremely proud. This exceptional book is a collection of twenty essays on Irish women, both historical and contemporary who have bucked the trends, defied cultural norms and brought forth great change in the social structure in Ireland and across the globe through their determination, resourcefulness, intrepid nature and intelligence. The lives of these brave and bold Irish women from all realms of life; politicians, artists, writers, social activists, rebels; are brought forth in a publication that is suitable for ages 10 to 100 years. From the legendary Queen Mebh through to Mary Robinson to Sonia O'Sullivan, each of these women is given a v

Come Experience 'The Angelica Touch'

                                                                                                                                                                          Everyone is invited to come along to Charlie Byrne's Bookshop this Thursday, 8 February at 6:30pm to celebrate the launch of a completely delightful new YA book by LJ Sedgwick... The Angelica Touch! This will be a great evening, with Lindsay talking to us about her writing and reading a bit from The Angelica Touch. If you are in Galway, you won't want to miss this! I have a review on the Young Adult page of The Angelica Touch. You'll also find a review of Lindsays' previous novel, Dad's Red Dress...which is also just fabulous. Hope to see you all there!

BOLD GIRLS of my past!

With the current celebration of the strong, confident, brave and intelligent women and girls through the BOLD GIRLS incentive driven by Childrens Books Ireland, I started thinking about the BOLD GIRLS in the literature of my own past. Being completely enchanted by books from a very young age, I was given free range to chose and read whatever I liked. (Not every child has this opportunity and I am completely grateful to the grown-ups of my world for providing this.) Among my favourites, there were quite a few BOLD GIRLS. Of course, there were the classics. Mary in The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, whose cross disposition I read (seemingly)in a completely different way to those around me; she just wanted a life that spoke of her own nature and not to have to 'behave as a young lady should' like she was being told. The books of Louisa May Alcott that spoke to me of following your own heart. Heidi and the freedom and happiness she found in the mountains...the list is