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Tis the Season!

Welcome December, with all your hustle and bustle; with your beautiful lights and warmth of spirit! Here, as every year on Fallen Star Stories, December also means one very exciting thing for's time for Mary's Advent Calendar of Books! Once again, each day I will be choosing a book to post. It may be a Christmas book or a winter book or something reflecting the joy and wonder that I truly hope this time of year brings you. This is my wish for you....step out of the stress that inevitably comes with this time of year & have a read. The page, Mary's Advent Calendar of Books is open....right about.....NOW!

Announcing...The BookElves18 Logo!

Just a quick post.... We are delighted to present our brand new, designed just for us....BOOKELVES18 logo. Isn't it fantastic? This logo was designed by the wonderful Irish author/illustrator/designer Alan Nolan. He took the time out of his busy schedule to come up with this logo so that everyone can locate us and the BookElves18 can get our bookish message out there. I think it's fun, seasonal, original and intriguing. Many, many thanks to Alan! Alan, if you don't know already, is the author/illustrator of such great kids books as Death By Chocolate, Conor's Caveman  (my favourite of his books), Fintan's Fifteen, The Big Break Detectives Casebook and so many more. He's even the author of the 2019 World Book Day book for Ireland.... Sam Hannigan's Rock Star Granny! (all published by O'Brien Press, by the way...aren't they fab?) So, if you are looking for the BookElves18 this season, just look for this brilliant logo and you're sure to fin

The BookElves Are Coming!

Every year at about this time, something truly magical happens. The BookElves appear! Throughout the year, they are working hard, gathering information, checking and double-checking, learning everything they can. Then, at the end of November, they emerge filled with excitement; ready, willing and able to bring you the very best books for children of all ages. So if you are looking for a special, lasting gift for that special young person in your life; if you have questions or need advice, call on the BookElves18. We know the book you’re looking for! It all kicks off 29 November! But where do I find these magical creatures you ask? You can find us  on Facebook @BookElves18 and on Twitter ( #bookelves18 ) and Instagram @BookElves18. That simple! This year we are posting across three social media platforms to make it easier for everyone to find us, check out our recommendations and ask your kids books related questions. Just tag us or hashtag us and we'll be there. Also..

Real Heroes, Adventures and Wildlife!

As a bookseller, one thing I can tell you is that as we approach the holiday season, nonfiction and real life stories find their time to shine. I'm never quite sure why this is so. No other time of year sees so many 'nonfiction' books for young people find their new readers and inspire them in their pursuit of knowledge and fascination. And I feel they need there own collective post. Wouldn't want them to get lost on the 'pages!' Here are a few of the more note worthy books on real heroes, true adventures and the wonderful wildlife that surrounds us...all published in last two months, just in time for the gift-giving season. And right here in Ireland. BLAZING A TRAIL: Irish Women Who Changed The World author: Sarah Webb illustrator: Lauren O'Neill O'Brien Press (October 2018) ISBN: 9781788490047 This fabulous book highlights 28 of those fabulous Mná na hÉireann, telling a different story each time you turn the page in clear concise language to m

Books in (Irish) Translation

Before I begin, I need to apologise. My Irish is seriously...very poor indeed. That's why I am so grateful to Futa Fata for sending Irish language books to me for review that either are accompanied by English translations or (in the case of the above) are so familiar that they need no translation. (But thanks to my fluent grandchildren, I can check it out.) Translating books from one language to another is no easy task. Nothing translates literally and it takes a lot of care and attention to get the content and feel of the book just right. Fortunately, this particular publish is highly expert at doing so.But enough of this. Let's move on. Yesterday marked the launch (at the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium in co. Armagh) of Anseo Atá Muid: Notai Faoi Chónaí Ar An Domhan by Oliver Jeffers. Also known as Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth ; this is a stunning and moving picture book inspired by a new addition to the Jeffers family. With child

Share A Story; Read Together; Change A Life

Inis Reading Guide 2018 - Share A Story In September each year, Childrens Books Ireland (CBI) launches its' annual reading campaign with the publication of the Inis Reading Guide. All ages, reading abilities, genres and interests are  addressed with hundreds of reviews and recommendations from childrens books experts, presenting the best of childrens books. I am always excited to take part in the incentive, as I know all of my colleagues are. Throughout October, this is celebrated with authors/illustrators/storytellers visiting schools, libraries, bookshops and literature fairs and festivals across Ireland to emphasise the importance and the joy of reading for children. And as we enter the cold, dark winter months (with the holidays hot on our heels and the quandaries of gift-giving even more present), the gift of 'Sharing A Story' takes on a greater importance. My sister reading to her grandchildren. One picture is worth a thousand words. This year, the theme of