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GOLD by Geraldine Mills

It is with the utmost excitement that I announce that tonight, yes tonight, at Dubray Galway we are hosting the launch of a fabulous new book by Geraldine Mills, Gold. This is the Galway poets first venture into the world of childrens' literature and I have to say, she got it exactly right. An utterly amazing dystopian novel for young people (10 years +, I'd say) that takes us on a journey with twins Starn and Esper as they venture across the skies and sea, following a treasure map that could lead them to a better world. It is an adventure story that hearkens back to such classics as Treasure Island and the Swiss Family Robinson. Beautifully written, with a clear love of language and a firm grasp on world-building, Gold is simply wonderful. The look and feel of the book is engaging and elegant. This is one you will want to read, whether you are a child or an adult. The full review of Gold is on the Irish Books, Authors and Publishers page of this blog, but I must say again:

Carnie CILIP and Kate Greenaway Medals 2016

Yes, I know, I have been remiss. But never mind that! I will now briefly offer my congratulations to the winners of 2016s Carnegie CILIP and Kate Greenaway Medals. From incredible longlists and shortlists (both, the winners were announced 10 days ago. The winners of these prestigious medals in childrens literature were awarded  £500 worth of books to donate to their local library and a £5000 Colin Mears cash prize. So, for outstanding contribution to the world of childrens' literature, the awards went to: Sarah Crossan for her compassionate, beautiful book ONE. This tells the story of conjoined twins, Tippi and Grace as they enter school for the first time in their lives. Written in free verse, as the twins grow up, they discover how difficult it is to be your own individual person, particularly if you share the same body. It speaks eloquently and gently of, not simply coming-of-age, as it were, but the dichotomy that exists in each one of us and how to come to terms with thi

Bookseller: The British Book Awards and Bookseller's YA Prize

The British Book Industry Awards 2016 were announced yesterday and there is fantastic news for two childrens' books writers. But first, just so you know; the British Book Industry Awards celebrates the greatness of the British book trade and those involved in it. The awards recognise, not only authors and publishers, but agents, rights professionals, libraries and, yes...bookshops, their managers and booksellers. (In fact, the business I work for, Dubray Books was shortlisted this year! Go us!) The Bookseller's YA Prize is only in its' second year. It is the only award which specifically focuses on and recognises achievement in fiction written specifically for young adults by authors based in the UK and Ireland. So, without further waffling on my part, the winner of the British Book Industry Award Childrens' Book of the Year went to  My Brother Is A Superhero; author: David Solomon and illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson; published by those wonderful folks at Nosy Cr