Book Launch - Monkie Business

So after a full week of delight and madness (World Book Day events), it was off to Dublin for the launch of yet another fab childrens' book by Debbie Thomas.... Monkie Business (the third book in the Abbie and Perdita series. Debbie invited me up to say a few words about the wonderful characters she has created for these books, and it was a complete pleasure. I felt a bit disjointed, as I had left my notes behind me. But it went well.... it was only a few words, after all and the main bit of the talking part was Debbies' reading, assisted by Captain Winkymalarkey himself (aka Debbies' wonderful husband Steve). Sporting a beard that would have made Philip Ardagh envious, he had taken time off from piloting the Fidgety Bridget to join in the festivities.....(you'll just have to read the book, then, won't you.) After the reading, there was a massive treasure hunt around the National Library. One lucky young lady won the Goblet of Dripping itself! ('ll have to read the book.) A fantastic time was had by all as everyone tried their hands at pottery pendant making and the fine art of illuminated manuscripts.
THAT was one brilliant day!
Captain Winkymalarkey and Debbie reading to a captive audience
The covetted Goblet of Dripping
A busy & happy crowd
Debbie & I
Even Chester, a normally shy patch of chest hair turned up!
Thank you, Debbie, Steve, Mercier Press and the National Library for a wonderful event!


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