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Commemorating World War 1

Today marks the start of World War 1, a war that changed the face of the world. What more is there to say? At work, I've had a display going of some of the many excellent childrens' books, both fact and fiction, that tell stories in and around World War 1. It's a piece of history that we shouldn't let ourselves forget...

Picture Books for August

The summer is certainly flying past. In about a months' time, the kids will be heading back to school and these lazy (?) summer days will become a memory. But summer memories aren't the same without my humble opinion. For the young readers, here's a few of my favourite picture books to add joy and substance to the remaining summer evenings...and to carry you through into the autumn. QUEST author/illustrator: Aaron Becker Walker Books (7 August 2014) ISBN: 9781406357660 Two friends are playing in a park, when suddenly they find themselves whisked off on a magical adventure to rescue a kidnapped king. They must unlock secrets of a strange puzzle in order to save the monarch and all his people from impending darkness. This spectacular, engaging and utterly beautiful wordless picture book is the second in a promised trilogy that began with JOURNEY (now available in paperback.) This is the type of book that young and old alike will want to spend hours ponderi