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Hedgehogs, Water Voles and Great Inventions - Happy Book Birthday

HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY! to Helping Hedgehog Home; the ninth in the collection of Celestine and the Hare books by Karin Celestine. I wanted to do a very special post for this book, because the whole series contains very special books, indeed. In this series, we enter a world where weasels are ruled by King Norty, a tribe of Chokliteers run gentle riot alongside in a kingdom of tiny felt animals ( your Easter Eggs!), water voles build homes for stray beetles and small acts of kindness and consideration are part of the daily routine. There is a strong sense of environmental awareness, as you might imagine, and an infusion of acceptance, compassion and empathy for even the smallest of creatures...and even when that particular creature may seem a bit irritating. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of paying attention, understanding and time to create a more peaceful world and some new friends. And into this world, we now welcome.... HELPING HEDGEHOG HOME (A Celestine

Favourites of the Year...So Far

This year is moving along so quickly! Here it is the middle of books are being published thick and fast. I thought it was time to have a look at my favourite books that are out so far this year. They include picture books, middle-grade fiction and YA. we go: PICTURE BOOKS Number one on this part of my list has to be  FOR ALL THE STARS ACROSS THE SKY; author: Karl Newson, illustrator: Chiaki Odaka. The perfect story for those quiet moments, it is comforting, calmly adventurous and exquisitely illustrated. Echoing the picture book classics of the past, this is one of the most perfect picture books I have seen in a long, long time. I also have to give a big shout out for MAYA AND CAT, author/illustrator: Carloine Magerl.  An affectionate, playful, cosy adventure, it also expresses a lovely sense of empathy and understanding. Illustrated with lots of detail in a whimsical, expressive style, I just love it! GASPARD THE FOX, author: Zeb Soanes, illustrator: Jam