The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

The brilliant novel for teen girls just came in to the shop today and I have to say, I am absolutely delighted! Having read the proof copy, I was completely captivated by this book. Far more than just a light summer teen read, 'The Sky Is Everywhere' deals with bereavement, family and social issues and trying to find your own place in the world. When her wonderful, beautiful sister, Bailey, dies suddenly, Lennie suddenly finds herself, not only struggling with her grief, but also taking centre stage in her own life. The loss of her sister, the disappearance of her mother years before and finding her emotions torn between her sister's boyfirend (with whom she shares common ground) and the new boy in town, Joe (the only person she knows who has never had any contact with Bailey) demands Lennie finally decide who she wants to be. It was an absolutely brilliant read, and while I have to say, not at all the type of book I'd normally be drawn to, I can't recommend 'The Sky Is Everywhere' highly enough.
I also need to add that the production quality of this book is exquisite! Another gem from our dear friends at Walker Books.

I also want to add this excellent review from Orlaith Mannion, one of my brilliant young reviewers. Well done, Orlaith!!!

Normal people do not mourn this way. They cry and wail... they do not write poems that no one will read, they do not put their feelings on paper and let them go into the wind and they certainly don't fall for their dead sister's boyfriend.
Lennie's older sister Bailey dies and with her she takes all the fire and music and light from Lennie's world and leaving her alone in the centre of the stage without a clue as to what to do next.  The only one she knows who is unaffected by Bailey's death is Joe, the gorgeous talented new boy. But Lennie is torn between two boys and the guilt of being happy so soon after Bailey's passing is tearing her apart.
A wonderful tale of coming to terms with grief and coping when the worst thing that could possibly happen does happen. 'The Sky Is Everywhere' is a beautiful touching bbok that will bring a tears to your eyes in both laughter and saddness. Highly recommended for ages 14 years +


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