Bloomsbury to Issue New Harry Potter Covers

The word is out and artwork has been decided. Bloomsbury will be rejacketing all seven of their most popular 'Harry Potter' books for 'a new generation' of HP readers. Aimed at new readers who haven't grown up with the books, the new jackets feature the 'Harry Potter' in gold script text and the artwork of illustrator Clare Melinsky. The jackets were unveiled in March 2010 and will go on sale 1st November 2010. All the artwork was personally approved by JK Rowling herself. Melinsky utilises lino-cuts in colour and black-and-white to follow a tradional woodcut style. Her illustrations have appeared in advertising, labelling and packaging, as well as in editorial work for newspapers, books and magazines.

So those of you who are collecting the familiar, older style covers of the Harry Potter series, be sure you finish your collection before 1st November! After that, they'll disappear from bookshelves faster than you can say 'Expelliarmus'.


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