Neil Gaiman and the Needy, Neurotic Vampire

Neil Gaiman has made a (what I believe to be stellar) statement this defines perfectly the problem with today's literary vampires.
"It used to be the case that bloodthirsty vampires and fanged creatures of the night were the stuff of nightmares and terrifying children's fairytales.
Not any more, according to the bestselling writer, Neil Gaiman. They're all a little toothless these days, he says, and nothing like the true-blue bloodsuckers of old.
Vampires are now over-populating popular culture to the point where they are just not scary, Mr Gaiman said as he picked up the CILIP Carnegie medal for his gothic children's story The Graveyard Book, about an orphan raised by ghosts."
For the rest of his thoughts, check out the link below. Absolutely brilliant! I say, bring back the old-fashioned vampire. Anyone with me?


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