Galway Arts Festival 2010

Festival season in Galway (nearly a year-round season, incidently) is well and truly under way. The Galway Arts Festival will run from 12th through to the 25th of July, and there are some stellar family events. One Small Step offers an inovative exploration of the space race as 2 gifted actors take us on a rollicking journey through the space race, from the first dog rocketed into space to the moon landing and beyond. In Space Panorama, Andrew Dawson recreates the Apollo 11 mission using only his hands (?!) and narration. The Magnificent Mind of Daisy Dunne offers us Daisy who, with each birthday, demonstrates her devotion to finding the answers to the world's most puzzling questions. And then there are the street events...The Wild Hunt is the Macnas Parade offering this year and promises to be incredible! Up Above turns the circus tradition on it's head. And what can you say about Bruce Airhead? One man, one enormous balloon, one bizarrely amazing show!


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