We've Got More Dragon Post! Day 2- Dragon Post Blog Tour

Dear Friends,
LB and I are back with more Dragon Post from the kids at St Nicholas School (Waterside). LB has been sorting and I have been reading and there is so much to talk about in these letters.We are having a wonderful time looking at them over and over, and I hope you will, as well.
Isn't this a fantastic way to celebrate the release of Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett (published by Walker Books)? Who doesn't like to read other peoples letters?!
Some of the letters are just 'catch-up' letters...the what are you doing, how have you been, I hope you are having a good time in (wherever the friends are.) Some of them are letters letting their friends know what the children have been up to. Some of the letters give advice. And one letter in particular stood out...a letter from one young man who hadn't had an imaginary friend before...this is really great!
My favourite bit; "It is nice in the real world. Hope to see you soon."
Here's a few more letters, including one from Matei. Matei wrote to an actual friend, giving him some input on how to care for a newly acquired Satyr.
Enjoy them! They are all exceptional!
Warmest Dragon Regards,
LB and I


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