We've Got Dragon Post! (Dragon Post Blog Tour from Walker Books)

Dear Friends,
LB and I are very excited to be part of this blog tour celebrating the release of Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett, published by Walker Books.
The idea is to post letters to our imaginary friends. Personally, I don't like to think of them as imaginary friends. I think of them as "friends that are very real, but it just so happens that other people may not be able to see them." (And PLEASE do not refer to LB as an imaginary friend. He gets very prickly if you do...and as you may not know, there is nothing worse than a prickly koala!)
We wanted to do something different...something special to celebrate this wonderful new picture book. So we teamed up with these guys... meet the 3rd and 4th class kids from St Nicholas School (Waterside) here in Galway. Aren't they great! They grabbed their paper and pens and imaginations and have written a marvellous collection of letters to friends near and far, imaginary and real asking questions, talking about life and giving advice on the care of some most unusual friends. And LB offered to post them. As you can see, there are a LOT of letters. Everyday this week, a few from the class will appear here on Fallen Star Stories...hopefully (in fact I'm sure) their imaginary friends will receive their letters soon.
And I know you'll love reading them!
@WalkerBooksUK @BigPictureBooks


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