Do Bugs Wear Shoes on Halloween? (Do Bugs Wear Shoes Blog Tour)

It's Halloween!!!! Time for ghosts, witches and goblins; things that go bump in the night...and what's that scritching and scratching in the corner or under the's a creepy-crawly!!! Oh, those bugs! They do give us a fright any time of the year...but especially at Halloween. But maybe, just maybe they don't deserve their spine-chilling reputation. After all, they are fascinating. I think we need to learn a little bit more about bugs, don't you? Fortunately for us, there is a brand new book, filled with facts, bright, lively illustrations and the answers to all your most pressing and silliest bug questions!
Do Bugs Wear Shoes? by Addie Broussard and Anthony Puttee is available now for all the budding entomologists out there. It even tells you what an entomologist actually does! And what a 'bug' actually is...very important before you go accusing a creature of being one. bugs wear shoes? What is that stinky smell...pppeeewww! Do bugs have to go to school, as well? What do they study there? Why does that moth look like an owl? Are there bugs that look like other animals, too? Can bugs dance? Which bug is heavier than your pet hamster? Do bugs live or go everywhere...Antarctica? Outer space? Do they have feelings? And when will the robot bugs take over???!!!  Well, you just have to read this book and find out. It's fascinating, fun and filled with everything you need to know. The brief text in the book is written so that even the newest reader will be able to read it by themselves, or, if you are sharing while on a bug hunt, it gives you just the quick fact burst you need. On every page, you'll find clear and colourful photographs alongside so zany drawings that allow you to contrast and compare bugs easily. It's a book that's designed to thrill, to entertain and to fascinate everyone. In terms of bug and insect information, it's the full-package, even giving the reader additional resources and other books, if you just can't get enough. And there is so much to learn about bugs!
So tonight, when something is crawling up the wall, buzzing by or spinning a spooky web, don't be afraid! You can just check in the book to find out what its' story is. you go....oh wait! I had some bugs that glow in the dark around here somewhere...they'll come in handy for you.....
(ppssstt...if you go to the Two Umbrellas website, there's a Creepy Cool Halloween Art Pack to download..brilliant fun!)

 DO BUGS WEAR SHOES? and other silly questions
authors: Addie Broussard and Anthony Puttee
Two Umbrellas Media 
ISBN: 9781949137095 (paperback)
9781949137088 (e-book) 


  1. haha, this is a bug-tastic review! Thanks for sharing and hope you have a creepy cool Halloween! - Addie


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