Picture Book Month...the final day

I hope you have all been savouring Picture Book Month. But we've made it through November and the final entry has been posted. I think it really is the perfect post with which to bring this month long celebration of picture books to it's close.
The Picture Book Champion of the day is Debbie Ridpath Ohi, and the focus of the day is creativity. As we
grow up, we seriously do forget how much picture books meant to us as children, and how much they coloured our lives; the magic and wonder they bring; how very important they were to us. I could continue, and certainly will at a later date, but Debbie's entry says it all.
"Picture books are important because childhood is important. Picture books help inspire today’s young people into becoming tomorrow’s thought leaders. Picture books help create a lifelong love of reading.
Picture books enable even the busiest of us to enjoy a good story in just a few minutes. In a world where so much is rushed, picture books encourage us to slow down and savor."
She includes a recap on every Picture Book Champion that has graced this site this month, with  a statement on exactly what they've contributed to the celebration. Like Debbie, I really do hope you've enjoyed Picture Book Month as much as I have. There is so much there. If you've missed a day, or haven't had a good look around the Picture Book Month website, don't despair! It's all still there for you to wander through in your own time. And I encourage all of you out there to become Picture Book Ambassadors.... all year long.
p.s. Here's a secret I know will not shock you. I STILL read picture books every day...to escape, to wonder, to remember and to savour...Picture books are important, and not just for children. You can never outgrow picture books. My very favourite is still Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak...everything you need to know about life is in that book. Well....that's what I think.


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