November is....Picture Book Month!

November is, indeed, Picture Book Month. This is an international initiative that celebrates the beauty, wonder and importance of picture books in print. Please follow the link above....these wonderful people will tell you everything you need to know about Picture Book Month.
Every day in November, there is a new post by one of the selected picture book champions. Here, they explain why they feel picture books are so important. We live in a digital age. (Well, you are reading this on a blog.) Every day it seems someone is proclaiming the death of books in print. But we cannot deny the importance and the joy of books in print. Particularly, picture books. No other form of media has the broad ranging affects on the lives of children as the picture book. This is where we learn to read. We have our very first exposure to visual art through picture books. And the sense of awareness and observational skills that comes with sharing a picture book with small children (or even with adults!) continues to serve us well throughout our entire lifetime. But, in a digital age, picture books need love! And we all need picture books.

Today's entry is by Aaron Becker; the creator of the marvellous, incredible picture books Journey and Quest. These wordless picture books take you on journeys of wonder and beauty, while they relate stories that stay with you forever more. Here's a quote to start you off:
"The picture book is a physical object that demands our engagement and attention. It does this without beeps or whistles or touch screens or promises of something faster, better, and more efficient. It tells us we can take our time."

Follow the link for Aaron's post and join the journey.


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