Picture Book Month


Today's entry for Picture Book Month is by Stefan Jolet. Stefan is a full-time graphic designer and the illustrator of such wonderful, unique books as The Legend of Acornhead and Cinderellaphant. (And as you might guess from the last title, is focus on the daily post is around the theme of elephants.)
" Picture books unlock children’s imaginations and inspire them. They help children express themselves and encourage bonding time between family and friends. And best of all, they can be enjoyed at any age and passed on for future generations to enjoy over and over again."
To help you keep daily tabs on what's happening all month during Picture Book Month, here's the calendar noting each days' Picture Book Champion and their theme for the day...where they're coming from in regard to picture books and their work. Each day, the Picture Book Champion also discusses their inspiration and memories of picture books that have impact on them. You can find all this and more on the website. What a great resource!


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