Christmas is coming, you know....

Yes, that season is well on its' way and before we get side-tracked by all the rush and hurry, let's stop to make a plan. Every year, we run around looking for gifts and goodies and spending mad amounts of money and thinking about how nice it would be to make something/ create something with our children and grandchildren. Enter Adventivity... This is a fantastic Advent Calender for the whole family. No, there are no chocolates (which is what a lot of people look for in an Advent Calender.) But what is there is a project a day from December 1st right through and including the 25th! It includes decorations and cards and gift pouches and...well, all sorts. Each door on the calender reveals an image directly related to the project of the it's a wonderful way to build excitement. The projects are easy to make, with press-out card components, and they are gorgeous! And, they only take a few moments of your time...wouldn't this be a great way to give the family a moment every night until Christmas? My recommendation....decide on a time when you'll all be together, like right after dinner, to reveal and make the project of the day. Remember, in this season, and all others, time is the most important gift you can give your children...


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