Picture Book Month: School and Food

These days are getting busier and busier...but I always take the time to check out the daily calender for Picture Book Month. So much there!
Yesterday's theme was school with a wonderful post from Picture Book Champion Alexis O'Neill (The Recess Queen, Loud Emily, The Kite That Bridged Two Nations.) I love kites...one of my favourite preoccupations is kite flying. It brings an interconnectedness that is not unlike reading a good picture book...takes us all to another place and time while keeping us right here.
"A picture book connects generations upon generations curled on couches, snuggled in beds, perched on chairs, swaying in rockers. And when a picture book hangs from its spine in threads, when it bears the smudge of jelly and mud, when the pages are dog-eared or torn, when the parent says to the child, Here’s a book I loved when I was your age, that’s how we know why picture books are important."

And what better food for the soul than a picture book that has been shared throughout the family, as one generation curls up with the little ones and provides them with that essential nourishment...love and wonder. As Johnette Downings' (Marooned on a Dessert Island) post tells us;
"It didn’t matter which book she read or which song she sang, it was those quiet moments of personal sharing of something of beauty and wonder that transported us from our living room to worlds of limitless potential, a springboard to a life I would create for myself beyond my wildest dreams."

Take a look on your own shelves, even if they are just the shelves of your memory...what books do you find there?



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