Summer Readathon Party & Mad About Books 2 Launch

 Today, we marked the end of Dubray Books Summer Readathon with a bit of a party. This was combined with our in-shop launch of our brand new guide to children's books....Mad About Books 2.
First, we presented our super summer readers with their certificates and prizes.
So, congratulations to
1st prize winner: Nathan Fahy (age 10)
2nd prize: Alyssa Fahy (age 8)
3rd prize: Fiona Macaskill (age 7)
While all 19 of the Readathon participants showed great enthusiasm and just chewed through the books that they wanted to read; one of the readers stood out for his joy, humour and desire to read. He didn't read the most books, but he really grasped the spirit of the Readathon from the very first. A special merit prize went to:
Gavin Ford (also age 7).
A big congratulations to all the readers ... you guys were absolutely great!!!!
To further the celebratory atmosphere, we were joined by Rab Fulton, who regaled the readathon readers, Dubray Books staff and the many, many people who popped in to join in the fun with brilliant, funny and somewhat scary stories... and all on his birthday! Thanks Rab, and happy, happy birthday.
Also joining in and bringing her time talent and utter joy for books was Sadie Cramer. Sadie helped present certificates and prizes. Then turning her attention to her artistic talent, she the children making the elements of a wonderful banner that will hang in the children's section! Also, they made I.D. badges that will forever identity them as super readers! Thank you, Sadie!
I couldn't have done it without any of you...thanks for the brilliant time; you've made my summer!
And now...more photos....
Sadie & I presenting certificates
Rab entertains and enlightens
Getting down to business with Sadie
The artistic process in progress


  1. Oh, how delightful! We have a bookshop in Melbourne, The Little Bookroom, which specialises in children's books, and they too do some great stuff, but not, as far as I know, a Readathon. Rab is a professional storyteller, isn't he? I forgot that.


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