Skulduggery Pleasant Is Back....Again

Yes, thats right. Today is the day so many of us have been waiting for...the release of the eighth in the Skulduggery Pleasant series; The Last Stand of Dead Men. And it's darker, funnier and more exciting than ever before.
War has finally come... but it isn't the war between good and evil that we're all so concerned about. It's the war between the Sanctuaries. As the Irish Sanctuary teeters on the edge of world-annihilating disaster, the rest of the Sanctuaries have had more than enough! Skulduggery and Valkire have to side with the other Dead Men if there is any chance of maintaining balance, reason and...heh-em...sanity and get to the cause of all the chaos. But it is a vast and dark conspiracy with many twists and turns and danger afoot. And what about Valkire? What about her powerful and consuming alter-ego, Darquesse who seeks release in order to destroy the world and, well, everything? You are going to LOVE this one, all you Skulduggery-heads out there. (Shall we just call you 'Skul-heads'? Maybe not....)
Anyway, all will be revealed! And you can pick it up NOW!


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