Mad About Books 2: the Dubray Books Guide to Children's Books!

After months of waiting, it's out now! Mad About Books (the second edition) is being launched this Thursday evening, with every Dubray Books Shop holding a special Launch Day on Saturday, 24th August! There will be activities of all sorts... and in Galway, we are also celebrating our Super Summer Readathon Readers on the day as well. Beginning at 12 noon, we will be giving the Super-Readers their certificates and prizes, with activities, goodies, storytelling...all because kids love reading, and we are absolutely sure you will love our new guide to children's books, Mad About Books!
I am so proud of this publication. Inside it's covers you'll find over 400 reviews of books suitable for children and young adults of all ages and interests, written by our children's booksellers, along with author interviews and special advice for children's book clubs . We've all worked very hard to bring you the best of the best and for €2, it's a steal!
I also need to express my personal appreciation to all of those involved. First, there's ex-Dubray children's bookseller and children's book enthusiast extraordinaire, Kim Harte, who started the wheels turning on this project over a year ago. On the back of her diligent work, an amazing publication dream became real. Then there's all of my wonderful colleagues; those brilliant children's booksellers whose opinions and advice are always spot on! Our editor, and of course contributor, the amazing Sarah Webb applied her trademark energy, enthusiasm and expertise. Sarah is, without a doubt, the hardest working author I have ever personally known. You ask her for something... she gives it without hesitation. Thank you so much for everything, Sarah. And a big thank you to the ever-patient, ever-organised Adrian White.And thank you to the owners/management of Dubray in general, for continuing to believe and support your children's booksellers.The thank yous could go on for pages on this blog... this is just the tip of the iceberg!
And, as I mentioned, on Saturday, we'll also be celebrating our Super-Summer Readathon Readers... so if you're out and about in Galway (or your local Dubray Books wherever you are) stop in and join the celebration!


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