World Book Day Extravaganza 2015..the penultimate day

Drawing this extravaganza to a close is always bittersweet for me. It's been quite a month! I'll dispense with the sentimentality for this post (anyway) and share with you the events of Wednesday, 18th March. On Wednesday, the schools (4th class from Scoil Iognaid and 2nd class from St. Michaels Boys School) were treated (once again) to the phenomenal story-telling gift that is Rab Fulton. Rab shared one of his all time best stories; that of his Grand-Uncle Hamish and how the worst fisherman in Scotland became the best fisherman in Scotland. Then, Rab gave his own, particular rendition of Little Red Riding Hood..... a treat for everyone who stopped by to listen. Thank you to the schools, and to the customers who hovered around to hear how it all turned out!
Photo op!

And a FANTASTIC time was had by all!
Many, many thanks to Rab for your time and your talent...what a great gift to share.


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