World Book Day Extravaganza 2015 - Day Five

So...the week has come to a close. Todays' sessions were an  absolutely incredible way to end a week long celebration of books, reading and childrens literature.
We began the day with me (again) taking the first two sessions. First, there was the busy, exciting 3rd classes from Claddagh National School. After a bit of discussion of favourite books, I decided it was time to share the wonderful world of Harry Potter with a few of the new generation of Potter readers. Only one in the class(es) had approached the books, but all had seen the films. So we began at the beginning with Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Incredible fun!
Then it was time to move on to the 1st classes of Mercy Primary and more favourite books. They really loved the reading of Tom Mclaughlins The Story Machine! And Abracazebra by Helen and Thomas Docherty was an big hit!
Then, it was time for the grand finale(s) by the one and only Nicola Pierce! Nicolas' biggest fans in Galway (to date) are the 5th/6th class from St Nicolas Parochial. Nicola gave her first ever presentation of her new book, Behind the Walls. And the kids just ate it up! Afterwards, for the first time ever, both 6th classes from St Michaels Boys School joined us. Both classes are currently reading Spirit of the Titanic and City of Fate. Nicola did her talk on Titanic and they were mesmerised. The questions from the classes after the talk were thoughtful young man has a great career as an investigative journalist ahead of him. The boys would really love it if Nicola would come back a bit later in the year and talk about City of Fate, so we are going to work on that. Many, many thanks, are simply incredible. And thank you to the students and authors who have made this day...and in fact this entire week, the best World Book Day Extravaganza ever!
Before I get on with sharing the photos, I have to warn you....we're not done yet! Yes, there's more World Book Day celebrating to be done. On the 18th and 19th, a few more classes will be joining us to enjoy the company and talents of Rab Fulton; back for more adventure stories and scary tales) and the marvelous Patricia Forde.'s the photos:


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