Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Before I get too caught up in the World Book day Extravaganza, I want to remember the birthday of one of our best, most iconic childrens' author....the one and only Dr Seuss. Dr Seuss' books have made a lasting impact on nearly all of our lives, and rightly so. He taught whole generations how to read, how to enjoy books and language, and left us some important life lessons.

The big news just out is that there will be a 'new' Dr Seuss book out in July of this year. What Pet Should I Get is due to be released on 28 July, more than 20 years after his death. His widow uncovered this marvelous new edition only recently, and it promises to be a great one! I for one can't wait!

So Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss! And from this overgrown child....thank you so much.
(p.s. My favourite has always been The Lorax'.)


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