World Book Day Extravaganza 2015: Day Three

What a busy, happy day it was today. We had a total of 120 school children visit for events today, and while it was, at times, a little chaotic (with 120 children, how could it NOT be?), it was really happy and fulfilling.
I started the events off today by taking the first two sessions myself. First, I chatted with and read picture books to the first class from Claddagh National School. We read The Wonder by Faye Hanson; a beautifully illustrated story that takes us through the day of a small boy 'whose head is filled with wonder." While he is always getting told to pay attention and get his head out of the clouds, he learns the real value of imagination and the beauty and joy it can create. The it was on to The Pirates Next Door by Jonny Duddle and finishing, as always with Where The Wild Things Are. Great fun with wonderful, creative children!
The second class in was the 5th class from Scoil Ide. We read from Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell and discussed aspects of the book like time and place (and interpretation), descriptive language and characterisation. One of the most poignant comments came from one of the students who really liked how the author didn't describe too much; just enough to allow the reader to add their own details. Brilliant and insightful all the way, they all want to read Rooftoppers!
During the last two sessions, the wonderful, incredible Debbie Thomas visited us and discussed many things with the kids..... her books (Dead Hairy, Jungle Tangle and Monkie Business), how she became an author, why she writes the books she writes, bees, honey and amber! Debbie also treated one class with a reading of some of her poetry, written when she was 7 years old! There was also a quick glimpse into her upcoming book, Class Act (out in April). Personally, I can't wait! Here's some photos!


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