Stories Are For Everyone!

Welcome to October! And for those of us in Ireland who are bookishly inclined (so to speak) that means one thing....Stories Are For Everyone! This is the beginning of a month long celebration of books, stories and the magic of reading. All across Ireland, you'll find events and general celebration. Activities will be running in schools, libraries, art centres...just about everywhere you can think of. There will be readings by popular authors, writing and illustration workshops, storytelling, competitions. This month is going to be fantastic!
I'll be hosting a couple of schools at work throughout the month, and I have some treats in store for them, with Debbie Thomas and Trish Forde paying a visit. I'll also be visiting an area school later in the month to share some of my new and old favourite seasonal stories with them. But there's so much more happening everywhere. You can follow the link below to find the festival programme yourself.
And don't forget to check out the wonderful catalog of recommendations...fabulous books for all ages. (All with a great cover illustration by Chris Haughton!) Get your hands on one now!


  1. How wonderful! We have Children's Book Week and you have it for a whole month!


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