And promised...Debbie Thomas

So, the plan was to invite a few authors in to help me celebrate the Childrens Book Festival, or as it's known this year, Stories Are For Everyone; Baboro and childrens' books in general (which I do try to celebrate every day.) The first to step up was the wonderful wonderful Debbie Thomas; author of Dead Hairy, Jungle Tangle and Monkie Business, that brilliant trilogy of books featuring best friends Abby and Perdita, the families and friends and the uber-evil Dr. Hubris Klench.
The local school classes came in and were totally engaged and in wonder at Debbie and her books. They talked about stories, where stories come from (everywhere and everything, as it turns out) and how Debbie came to write these wonderful books. Basically, it was a fantastic day for everyone!
Thank you so much, Debbie! You are always a joy!


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