Some seasonal reads....

Before we come into THAT season, we shouldn't neglect the end of autumn and the great books (for all ages) that are just perfect for Halloween... here's a few of my favourites:
The Wizardling
author: Binette Schroeder
Little Island
ISBN: 9781910411001
An absolutely perfect book for Halloween time! Wizzo, a wizard-in-training, ignores his grandfathers' cautions and goes flying off on a little adventure. Where does he end up? Dragon Rock, of course...but that's where all the fun begins. (ages 4+)

Pumpkin Soup
Helen Cooper
Corgi Childrens Books
Cat, Duck and Squirrel live in a little cottage within a big pumpkin patch. Everyday, Cat slices up some pumpkin, Squirrel stirs in some water and Duck adds some salt for a delicious pumpkin soup. Until the day Duck wants to stir in the water that is... a wonderful autumnal tale of friendship and sharing; not at all scary, but perfect for youngest children at this time of year. Classic!

Witches Do Not Like Bicycles
author: Patricia Forde  illustrator: Joelle Dreidemy
ISBN: 9781405270713
Lolas' big sister Natalie has broken her leg and she's stuck upstairs all on her own! But it's Lola to the rescue, via a walkie-talkie, her imaginary friend Mrs. Beasley, a new puppy, a witch and Natalies' brand new birthday bicycle that she only got to ride once.....oh, dear. (ages 4+)

The Elsewhere Funfair (Nightmare Club 9)
Annie Graves
Little Island
ISBN: 9781908195890
Another creepy, creepy CREEPY!  tale from the Nightmare Club series....this one will make you think twice about ever going to the Funfair again. (Really, if you're into creepy, spooky books, you should just read the entire Nightmare Club series...they are brilliant!) Perfect for ages 6 and reluctant readers...anybody, really.

The Worst Witch
author: Jill Murphy
ISBN: 9780141349596
Mildred Hubble is a trainee witch at Miss Cackles' Academy for Witches. But, she's not very good at it. Her spells are always wrong; she always crashes into things with her broomstick; and one day, she turns teachers' pet, Ethel, into her worst nightmare...pure chaos (and many other books in the series)
ages 7-10

Mountwood School for Ghosts
Toby Ibbotson
Macmillan Childrens Books
ISBN 9781447271031
The Great Hagges have made a horrific discovery...ghosts are decidedly lacking these days and something must be done! No one has been scared to death in decades! Things have to change and fast. So, they found the prestigious Mountwood School for Ghosts. Just in time, it seems. But can these misfit spooks save a small town from destruction by an evil developer and his cronies?
Brilliant book from the pen of Eva Ibbotsons' eldest son, Toby. This is my favourite of the season. Ages 9+

The Demon Notebook
Erika McGann
O'Brien Press
ISBN 9781847172952
Grace and her friends, Jenny, Una, Rachel and Addie are five 'failed' witches. But one night, the discover a notebook with strong magical powers of its' own. It's time to tap into their own powers and stem the tide of magic before disaster ensues. This is the first of a brilliant series for young girls. I can't recommend it highly fact, you've just got to read all three of them! (The Demon Notebook, The Broken Spell and newly published The Watching Wood.) Fabulous fare for ages 10 +.

Good Red Herring
Susan Maxwell
Little Island
ISBN 9781908195937
An intriguing, riveting murder mystery set in a well imagined world of vampires, ghouls, dimorphs and the very, very odd Salmon Farsade. Salmon, apprenticed to Muinbeo's most famous detective, Inspector McCabe, set off to find who murdered Fen Maguire...and why. It is rare that I come across a 'who-dunnit' that leaves me baffled to the end. Brilliant! Ages 12+

A Crack In Everything
Rith Long
O'Brien Press
Izzys' fascination with a mural of an angel leads her, inadvertently, into the real world of the Sidhe...a world existing alongside the human world and populated with the strange creatures of our myths and legends. The angels and demons who watch over the affairs of the human world have plans of their own. As Izzy becomes a link in these plans, she has no choice but to take matters into her own hands, before they destroy everything she holds dear. Stunning! Ages 14+

 And let's not forget.....
The entire Harry Potter reissued for a new generation of readers (remember, these are kids who were far to young to read them when they first appeared.) The new covers by Jonny Duddle are just brilliant! And they are 'classics' at this point. And Halloween is the perfect time to start....

So...there's a few for you...Happy reading!


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