Malala Yousafzai Wins Nobel Prize

We have all heard by now that Malala Yousafzai, the 17 year old girl who put her life on the line and nearly stand up for the right of every child to have an read a book. I want  to add my voice to the world now offering her our congratulations and our awe at her courage and conviction.
I really don't want to enter into a discussion of politics. That's not what I'm about and here is not the place. Rather, I want to look at another aspect of this. The simplest act that brings something incredibly powerful into our individual lives, and thereby, the life of the world... reading.
Upon receiving the Noble Prize, Malala thanked her father for 'not clipping' her wings. The above quote speaks to the heart of this. I think sometimes, in our busy, contemporary world, we take certain things for granted. I have to say that every time I hear anyone, but particularly a young person, say they aren't interested in reading, that books are boring, that they have 'other things' they'd rather do; it breaks my heart. I'll go on and on about the importance of reading to your children; how books can change your life; how you learn to see other perspectives and can escape from the world of burden and joyless-ness within the pages of a book. I say that children need books...we all need them. Sometimes, this gets met with a blank stare.
Now, I say, look at Malala...she is right; she is an example...this does change the world. And don't you think the world needs a little changing?
Thank you, Malala and many heart-felt congratulations.
Here is the link to Malalas' acceptance speech. Listen carefully....


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