Baboro : International Arts Festival for Children 2010

AND... as it's time for Bookfest, that must mean that it's also festival time here in Galway. Sure enough, next week, from the 11th to 17th of October, Baboro International Arts festival for Children will be entertaining and delighting us all for it's 14th year running. This year we have dance, music, theatre, puppetry.... generally speaking magic and fun everywhere. The Very Hungry Caterpillar will be gracing the stage of the Town Hall Theatre. The Gingerbread Man will be on at Druid Lane. The Secret Garden will be discovered at the Nun's Island Theatre. The fantastic authors sharing their work with us this year will be Patricia Forde (Frogs Do Not Like Dragons...yayyy!), David Donohue and Niamh Sharkey (On The Road With Mavis and Marge!) There will also be some incredible exhibitions on hand, including 'Enchanted' at the Galway City Museum, featuring the illustrations of Annie West, Adrienne Geoghegan, Bruce Ingman, Oisin McGann and Niamh Sharkey.
I also want to point out an event to the adults who work with children, parents and teachers, out there. On Friday the 15th, there will be a special panel discussion on in the Town Hall Studio at 5pm entitled "Talking about.... the Arts for the Early Years." As there is a growing interest worldwide in the arts for young children, I think this is a can't miss. Artists from three of the companies at Baboro will be discussing the creation of their work and the response to it. Great stuff!
You can find the Baboro brochure just about anywhere in Galway or here's the website.......


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