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Hello everyone! It's the gift-giving season once again and here in Ireland, has taken on a very special, very exciting meaning....The BookElves are coming!
The BookElves is the heart-child of Irish author and childrens book aficionado, Sarah Webb. As as author, childrens' bookseller and mother, Sarah understands how hard it can be to get recommendations for those special, wonderful books for children and young to get them the books they really want to read. She also knows how hard it is for those of us with bucket-loads of knowledge and information to reach all the people we need to reach, Particularly at holiday time. So, each year Sarah puts together a team of enthusiastic, knowledgeable elves. This team consists of childrens' booksellers, teachers, librarians, authors, illustrators and general book people to share their knowledge with you. (And for those of you who are wondering, yes, I am a BookElf, and very proud of it.) 
Since 2016, at this time of year, The BookElves go online to recommend the BEST books for children of all ages. From 29th November to 15th December, you can follow the BookElves2019 on Twitter at #bookelves19 , on Facebook @bookelves19 and on Instagram @bookelves19 .We will be recommending books and are happy to answer any specific reading-related questions from parents, carers, teachers. The BookElves19 are here to help!
As always, our big kick-off will take place on Friday, 29th November during the broadcast of RTE Ones' annual Late Late Toy Show (hosted by the one and only Ryan Tubridy!) For those out there in the world who don't know, this is a very special, brilliantly funny and wonderful annual broadcast, bringing children and families in from all over the country to have their say on what gifts, toys and books they find most exciting. It is an unforgettable experience. (If you're not in Ireland and want to join the fun, you can livestream it of course.)
During the Late Late Toy Show, BookElves 2019 kick off by tweeting live during the and furious it is as well! We'll be there with book recommendations, commentary and to answer any book-ish questions that come up. Just follow along from wherever you are!
So get ready! I know you have questions so, write them down. Follow the BookElves2019 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 
The BookElves2019 are here to help!
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