Today, 13 of November is World Kindness Day... a day when we are called upon to focus on being kind. So throw it around like confetti! Spread kindness everywhere! Plant seeds of kindness wherever you go! And read books to your little ones that encourage them to understand kindness.
I always have a few books on hand that tell stories of kindness, consideration and love in a way that opens the door to these important concepts to children; to help them nurture the kindness that (I believe) children already have as a part of their nature; to allow it to grow.
Of course there are many books to choose from that carry the theme of kindness, but two recently published picture books stand out in my mind. Both speak of that essential emotion behind kindness; love. Not the love you reserve for a select few in your world, but the love for everyone that needs much more expression today; for the more it gets expressed, the more it spreads and more kindness has a presence in the world. Let's take a look...

From Walker Books, we have...
author: Jane Porter
illustrator: Maisie Paradise Shearring
Walker Books (7 November 2019)
ISBN: 9781406380644
Dimitri is new at nursery. A kind and wonderful friend, he wants to be sure everyone knows he loves them. So he tells Liam at storytime. And Sophie, Stella and Sue during morning play. And the ants on the playground and the old man on the park bench. But why is no one saying it back? Dimitri is worried. Maybe no one loves him back. But the next day, Dimitri sees that love can spread in many different ways...not just with words. And maybe Dimitri is encouraging others to spread love around just by telling them.
As Dimitri tells each person that he loves them, we see different reactions; embarrassment, confusion, the old man even gets cross! But each has their own way of showing love through acts of kindness. It is utterly heartwarming to watch this develop, as the hearts of all those around Dimitri open with expressions of kindness and consideration with no reserve. As the love spreads around, Dimitris' happiness grows along with everyone elses'. The child-friendly pictures reflect mood changes as they weave in and out of the day and into the next with bright colours and free line-work. This is a beautiful book; gentle, uplifting, full of love and kindness towards everyone. One to share with everyone!

Graffeg Press in Wales has produced a lovely little picture book about that utterly encompassing expression of love... the cwtch (rhymes with 'butch'.)
author: Sarah Kilbride
illustrator: James Munro
Graffeg Press (7 November 2019)
ISBN: 9781912654659 
Cwtch is a Welsh word that essentially means a hug...but actually it's a lot more. It's cuddlier than a cuddle; huggier than a hug; a cwtch is bursting with love and warmth and kindness and care. It's a magical way to show just how much you care. A cwtch can be shared in so many ways and for so many reasons. It is kindness, caring, cosiness and big, big love.
This warm, funny and heartfelt rhyming text talks about all the ways we can give and receive a cwtch and introduces the term into the English language as the perfect way to express this healing expression of kindness. The books' quirky, happy, free illustrations that perfectly accent the poem (and the font, developed by Sarah Kilbride especially for the book.) This is not simply a picture book for children. It is one for every that should be in every home to remind us all of the joy and power of a cwtch; and that we all need a cwtch as often as possible. Both a cwtch and this book are perfect gifts for any occasion. Fancy a cwtch?

Happy World Kindness Day 2019 to you all. May you be surprised by love, receive a comforting cwtch and give and receive many random acts of kindness.
If you want to know more about World Kindness Day and The World Kindness Movement, here's the link to the website...
Anybody wishing to take part in World Kindness Day or Kindness Day UK can simply pledge a good deed. You can find additional resources including ideas for random acts of kindness both large and small on the Kindness UK


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