SEVEN FOR TRIBES! New Releases From Tribes Press

Here's a big shout out of CONGRATULATIONS to local Galway publisher Tribes Press!
Tribes Press first opened its' doors and fired up its' presses just over a year and a half ago. By November 2018, Tribes had released three childrens books, all by Galway authors; Kapheus Fire by author and founder of Tribes Press; Onnie Piggles by author John Butler, illustrated by Galway illustrator Jay Penn; and Little Knitten, a picture book by James I Keogh, with bright and cheerful illustrations by Sarah Coyne. Releasing three high-quality, polished books in six months time was an impressive feat for a brand new publisher.
But this year, Tribes Press has outdone itself by releasing seven new books into the wild! All are out now and available from bookshops and on the Tribes Press website. 
And here they are:
KAPHEUS SPIRIT (book 5 in the Kapheus series)
author: Marquerite Tonery
cover & interior illustrations: Fabrice Bertolotto
ISBN: 9781912441150
With lyrical, vivid storytelling, we are carried back into the fantastical world of light as a storm brews, shaking the very ground of both Kapheus and Éire. As both Elisa and Jamie reach a coming-of-age, they do so with much insight into the complex rises and emotional and thought patterns of their ages and concepts such as self-determination, loyalty, and destiny are brought to test. More mature, more complex, this carefully constructed world comes into a more incisive view; all wrapped up in an engrossing magical adventure tale that sets the imagination alight. Dream-like, intrepid and so, so satisfying. (full review on the Irish Books page.)

author: Kieran Ryan
cover illustration: Sally-Ann Kelly
ISBN: 9781912441143
From the first page, we are thrown into a unique and troubled world in the throws of galactic conflict. With fast pace, incredible action and palpable atmosphere, we explore space and strife with Daru and Lizzee, two orphans of Crade who find themselves sucked into becoming unwitting accomplices and on the run between worlds with renegade Prince Ory, guided by a wise-cracking AI navigator, Aye-Eye. This is classic-style science fiction fantasy as it should be; exciting, daring, full of thrills. (full review on the Young Adult Reads page.)

author: Lyn Maloney
illustrator: Sally-Ann Kelly
ISBN: 9781912441129
Poetry is so important in the world of a child, as is the presence of the fairy world. This extensive collection of poems is simply beautiful. Illustrated in exquisite colour with magical light and charm, each page draws you further into the fairy realm. This collection is a simply stunning addition that will enrich their understanding of books and stories, inspire a curiosity of nature and create a real enthusiasm for the possibility of fairyland. An extraordinary hardback collection of fairy poems; absolute enchantment awaits!

author: Maria Breen-Fahey
illustrated Béibhínn McCarthy
ISBN: 9781912441211
Everyone will love this laugh-out-loud story of happiness, puppy trouble and unexpected triumph, as we follow Sammy, a puppy of great character, as she brings joy and a bit of frustration to the residents of Bertsville. An excellent book to share with the little ones, or for those just learning the craft of reading. And the illustrations are really lovely; full of charm and singing with delights on each page. Sammy will capture your heart.

author: A. B. Marsh
illustrator: Anne McMullan
Trottie and the Farmyard Mystery is a story of a brave collie dog called Trottie who has to leave the home he knew as a pup to set sail on a new adventure. Along the way, he meets the Foleys, who take him in and set him to work on their small farm in the west of Ireland. All is well in Trottie’s life until one day a baby chick is snatched from the hen house. Trottie, being the sheepdog that he was, decided to find out who carried out this aweful deed, and this set about a chain of events that was to send his life on a new and interesting path. Great fun and just right for those newly competent readers, ages 6 to 9 years.
Even more exciting news from Tribes Press this year is...included in their catalog for the first time, there's an adult fiction book and a fascinating adult nonfiction.
author: Celine O'Donovan
cover illustrator: Béibhínn McCarthy
ISBN: 9781912441136
After an eventful start to the day in the Hughes family home in Galway city, a chain of events is set in motion that particularly affects three generations of women. Joan has been dealing with her emotional frailties for quite some time now and is doing her best to hold it together. Eileen looks to have it all, but under the surface lies an unfulfilled dream and a husband with secrets. Mary is an older woman who lives alone with only her cat, Boots, for company. Over the course of a few weeks, their worlds collide. The lives of these three women are woven beautifully around each other in this warm-hearted story of hope and friendship. A deceptively simple story, this book covers many issues that hit at the heart of us all. It sings to the importance of friendship and community to get us through lifes' twists and turns. This debut novel by Celine O'Donovan is heart-felt, insightful and full of life and love.
Interviews with 32 Irish Drummers
author: Tom Gilligan

Irish Drummers: Volume 1 is a celebration of Irish drummers. As the first of its kind, it gives a unique insight into the people behind the drum set. Over the past number of years, Tom Gilligan has collected interviews and personal conversations with some of Ireland’s most successful and influential drummers. From well experienced musicians to new emerging talents, Ireland has a long tradition of producing exemplary drummers that have conquer stages all over the world and with their love for drumming deeply rooted in Ireland’s traditional music. This volume can only give a glimpse into the vast world of Irish drummers and the extraordinary pool of musicians. Anyone with an interest in the music business will be fascinated by this incredible volume.
So again, Congratulations, Tribes Press for a monumental effort and great success in releasing these books. You're going from strength to strength and long may it last! And to all the wonderful authors and illustrators; many congratulations and a hearty well-done! Keep writing!
Before I conclude, I have to mention this wonderful incentive from Tribes Press. At this time of year, our hearts and minds turn to those in need, those less fortunate than ourselves. If you feel strongly about the importance of books and reading and its' role in enriching all our lives, you should give some thought to the  'Adopt a Child’ / ‘Adopt a Family’  appeal. 
With our ‘Adopt a Child’ or ‘Adopt a Family’ appeal,  you can give a child, a parent/guardian or a whole family a gift of books for Christmas, Birthdays or just because they deserve something new that is exclusively theirs. We can all hit a hurdle in our lives and at those times it is nice to have a fairy godmother to bring light into an otherwise dark situation.  Buying a book(s) for a child or family gives you the chance to be their fairy godmother.
To find out more, just follow this link:

A few words about Tribes Press:
Tribes Press is an earth conscious book publisher. Tribes Press policy is to use papers that are sustainably sourced from manufacturers with EU Ecolabel certification and FSC® and PEFC chain of custody certification. 
The writer is at the centre of our world. For us, each person has the right to a legacy, to leave their mark on the world. We believe in empowering writers by tipping the scale in their direction so that each person can fulfil their writing dream. At Tribes Press, we provide a personal and high-quality publishing service. We welcome you to publish with us.
Tribes Press was formed by Irish children’s author, Marguerite Tonery. Marguerite herself wrote five books, which she self-published before establishing this new enterprise. She is actually aware of the difficulties involved in getting  a book published, the uncertainty you may have about the quality of your manuscript and the endless days of waiting for that publishing house response that never arrives.
Want to know more? Simply follow the link:


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