GROW IT YOURSELF! For The Whole Family

Have you been wanting to spend more time in the garden? I think we all should. Especially the children. One of the best gifts we can give to kids is an understanding of the natural world, how to grow our own food and a consciousness of how to be in the future. And with the current climate issues and environmental concerns, we all need to pay more attention to where our food is coming from. How much of the food we put on the  table comes from local sources? How much comes from our own back garden? If you wish it was much more, but don't know where to start, I have just the book for you!

authors: Michael Kelly and 
Muireann Ní Chíobháin
illustrator: Fatti Burke
GIY Ireland (4 October 2019)
ISBN: 9780993042621
Narrated by GIY's own gardener-in-chief Monty Sheddington Potts, this is an entertaining, highly amusing journey through the garden that lasts all year long (and for many years to come, I'd say.) 
Fabulously illustrated by Fatti Burke, this book is (quite literally) ground-breaking! With pages and pages of month-by-month tips, suggestions and instructions, even the youngest gardener will have their imagination and enthusiasm re-stoked. Each month, you will find a garden Veg Hero of the Month, with everything you need know to successfully grow it in your own garden. When to plant, when to harvest, vegetables and fruit in stories, myths and legends; there are recipes, garden projects and crafts throughout the year and even a monthly Not-So-Great Poetry Corner. (Monty is really bad at writing poetry.) All of this in a big, bright, funny and fantastic book.  Every page is a complete delight. Just have a look at October!
Look, I know it was written to appeal to children, but I really think this is one book that everyone, regardless of age, with an interest in growing-your-own would love to have and find extremely useful. Inside its' pages, you'll find things you just won't believe. There is so much knowledge here; accessible to every level and it will inspire and get you moving into the garden again. I love it!
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to plant some garlic. It is time!

About GIY:
GIY is a not-for-profit social incentive that aims to reconnect people with food; educate through food growing programmes to help people grow at home, in schools and in community groups. They believe that people who grow some of their food and maintain even the smallest of food gardens are empowered to be healthier, happier and to live more sustainable lives. There are over 5000 GIY in Ireland, the UK and North America.                              


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