Today, I'm delighted to share my stop on the
celebrating the arrival of the second book by Sharon Marie Jones; illustrated by Adriana J Puglisi.

We met Grace-Ella in the first book, Grace-Ella: Spells for Beginners. Grace-Ella was just nine years, nine months and nine days old when she discovered her witchy powers. Bedwyr and Fflur, her very best friends are the only ones who know (apart from her parents, of course) who know she is a witch. Mr Whiskins, her black cat moved in on the same day and the Witches Councils sent her her 'must-have' items; a Witch Tablet with first spells and potions, her cauldron, her wand and the all-important Book of Rules. 
And now, Grace-Ella has just received her invitation to join her very first Witch Camp! And we get to tag along.
Now that is exciting!

author: Sharon Marie Jones
illustrator: Adriana J Puglisi
Firefly Press (30 September 2019)
ISBN: 9781913102067
Grace-Ella is excited when she receives her invitation (finally!) to attend Witch Camp over the week of school break. At  Witch Camp, she'll have the opportunity to allow her skills to grow as she learns at the side of the best Witches the Council has to offer. And she can meet young witches like herself; sharing spells, talking about all things magical. It's going to be brilliant! But, she'll need to get there first. With Mr Whiskins at her side, Grace-Ella solves the riddle and walks the right path straight to Witch Camp. Once there, Grace-Ella is matched-up with fellow new witches, Mati, Aisha and Dilys. Together, they are determined to win the special "Best Coven" award at the end of camp. There is one problem. While all young witches are nervous about their abilities, Dilys seems to be the worst witch her family has ever seen and nothing...absolutely nothing goes right for her! When her broom-flying takes awful turn and her broomstick breaks, the girls decide they must break the rules to help their new friend. But the rules are there for a reason and before you know it, disaster strikes. Grace-Ella has to face her fears and find a way to help her friends before it's too late!
Containing so much joy and the all-important magic, this book is an absolute joy! While there are moments of drama and danger, it is a gentle story, full of fun and interesting episodes that grip the young reader.  Amongst the exciting adventure, there is a fair amount of opportunity for problem solving, investigation and showing support and compassion. The friendship grows between the 4 girls quickly. They easily find common ground and bring out the best in each others' different qualities. The characters stand out as individuals and show personality, not unlike people we know. So it is easy to plop yourself right in the middle of the tale, feeling as if you completely belong there. The incredibly charming black and white illustrations sprinkled throughout the book help the readers really immerse themselves in the story. They demonstrate so much expression, setting the mood and atmosphere; a marvelous addition.
A story about friendship, accepting yourself as you are, courage and determination, this is an utterly wonderful sequel; spell-binding, enchanting and filled with heart. Grace-Ella: Witch Camp sparkles and sings with heartfelt magic!

Huge thanks to Meg and all at Firefly Press for sending me a copy of this beautiful book to share with all of you. It's a wonderful book to share and just perfect for young, confident readers.
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