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The Age of Akra is the first book in the thrilling StarChild series by Vacen Taylor. Join us for a quest you will never forget.

author: Vacen Taylor
Odyssey Books (this edition 2018)
ISBN: 9781922200020
In a neat and cosy home underground in the land of Sahas, Mai, having shown exceptional ability at thought-banking, has just been selected to train with the mysterious, formidable elemental master, Sah Dohba. She will be trained to be the protector of the desert lands. But first, Mai was make the long, arduous journey to the Valley of a Thousand Thoughts. Facing the harsh environment and innumerable obstacles along the way, she has only her impetuous brother, Long to accompany her as her chaperone and defender. They have not traveled far before they come upon a deep hole in the desert floor with a mysterious glowing orb inside. As Long approaches the orb and reaches to touch it, a boy suddenly appears. He identifies himself as Akra, the StarChild. The prophecies foretell the StarChild will bring peace and goodness to all inhabiting the planet. Akra leads them on a quest to find a falcon guard, diverting Mai and Long from their destination. But the trio travel onward, battling the elements, sandstorms, lethal creatures and starvation. A chance meeting with an earthfollower sets them on another path yet again. One where dark forces are afoot; determined to stop the trio and end the StarChilds' portent of peace and plenty. 
From the very first page, we are flung headlong into a deftly painted, imaginative world full of strange monsters, alien landscapes and wonderful characters. Mai is a brilliant lead; quick-witted, clever and exceptionally talented and brave. Her brother, Long acts as the perfect foil to her, adding  balance. Akra, the StarChild is naive, mysterious and full of questions about his place in this world. It is fascinating to watch him as his unique abilities begin to emerge. As the trio travel together, they create a strong bond, playing off one another to get around the numerous hurdles they encounter. The effect is a book that is fast-paced with non-stop action and drama, filled with tension, the right amount of humour to give relief and a strong sense of realising potential. All in all, The Age of Akra is an exciting, marvelous read that will leave you wanting more. Fortunately dear reader, as there are three more books, you can have it all.

StarChild: Book One The Age of Akra and the rest of the StarChild series are available for purchase from the following sources:
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About the author:
Vacen Taylor is a published author, screenwriter, playwright, an occasional poet, social welfare advocate, and amongst other things a support service provider. Writing works when there’s passion behind it and her stories always touch something in common or speak to the emotions in all human beings. Creating stories with richness and meaning is paramount in her storytelling. Expressing the uniqueness of self in her work using poetry and song is as much a requirement as world building with art and sculpture. All of which you will find somewhere in the Starchild Series.
For much more about Vacen Taylor, the StarChild series and all her numerous talents and pursuits, just follow the link to her website.

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