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author: Tonya L Chaves
Lulu Press (5 February 2019)
ISBN: 9781483490700
Saizia is a most magical kingdom...filled with faeries, mystery and all the mundane tasks that allow this land to continue. And as we awaken today, our eyes open on the first day of summer. Not only that, but it is Averys' 100th birthday! The day when he becomes a teenage faerie and receives his true job; his duty to the forest. Before he well and truly settles into his occupation of caring and tending for the toadstools, he and his best friend, Zaria long for adventure. As the teenage faeries concoct a plan to enter the forbidden Eerie Hollow, they end up with more adventure than they bargained for. Spying on the elves who live there, Avery and Zaria discover them tending a dragon; making it the most irresistible, fragrant chocolate. Its' luring scent wafts through the trees, enrapturing Avery and Zaria so that they are completely taken by surprise and are captured by the evil Thordon. Now in his clutches, they face the lifelong torment of having their wings removed and becoming slaves...unless they can complete a dangerous quest. Heading off on a journey to the Perilous Forest in search of the last remaining cocoa tree seed, they encounter a witch with a plan of her own. Their only hope is to find an ancient faerie sanctuary...if it exists at all. Just as the tide of events seem to turn in their favour, old secrets are revealed, old conflicts arise, the kingdom of Saizia is threatened with destruction and Avery and Zaria fear they will never see home again.
Faeries of Saizia is a lovely book that instills a fascination and wonder with the natural world and adds the thought that, perhaps, there is more going on there than we think. A perfect book to share or to read alone, it has a close, intimate quality allowing you to feel as if you have entered this small, unique world that exists within our own. Faeries, elves, dragons and witches all exist with a real texture within a well-described, lively world that will fire the imagination and warm the heart. It is filled with excitement, drama, peril and triumph. Faeries of Saizia is pure magic; a realm you will want to enter, and possibly never leave.
About the author:
Faeries - Tonya ChavesTonya L Chaves is from a small town in the Central Valley of California. Having studied early childhood education, Tonya worked in daycare and preschool for a few years until having children of her own. For the past fourteen years, Tonya has been working in the insurance industry as a licensed agent. While juggling a full-time job, being a wife and mother of three, quilting, and crafting, she has now published Faeries of Saizia and fulfilled a dream of becoming an author. Inspired and fired by the imaginations of her own children, Faeries of Saizia is her first published book.

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