WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS SUMMER? Space Dragons by Robin Bennett

Welcome to my spot celebrating another fantastic book; Space Dragons by Robin Bennett. It seems particularly appropriate that today is also the summer solstice; the longest day of the year because our hero, Stan Pollux is about to have a very long day, indeed. But time doesn't really mean anything where he's going....
author: Robin Bennett
Monster Books (19 June 2019)
ISBN: 9781999884420
Stan Pollux was looking forward to a normal, average summer holiday. If he had known what was about to happen, Stan would have definitely put on different underpants. It all started with Stan staring at the pieces of his broken telescope; evidence that his little sister Poppy had been in his room again, messing with his stuff. How many times....!!! He manages to get the telescope back together, although it can't be working right...not when he's sure what he's looking at is an enormous evil-looking eye staring at him from what should be the depths of space. The next thing Stan knows, he's rocketing through space in the aura of a dragon, who turns out to be the ancient god, Mercury. Banding together with the other planetary dragon-gods, he's off on a mission or two. It seems Poppy has been kidnapped by Pluto, dragon-god of the Underworld. The space dragons are trying to stop, Pluto,  from getting his hands on the all-powerful Particular of Light, which it turns out was in Poppys' possession. All Stan wants to do is get his little sister back and return home, before his parents realise they're gone. Shouldn't be a problem, especially if it turns out you're a demi-god yourself...even if you didn't know it.
An incredible combination of super-hero story, mythology and science-fiction; and if you're not careful, you might learn a thing or two about science; this is a rollicking ride across the solar system that involves a unique inter-planetary feud. Dragons are always a popular theme in books (and not just kids books!) And space always holds a great fascination for us all. What Bennett has done here is combine the two with flawless crafting and expert world-building, while also adding themes of family issues, bullying, empathy and coming into your own. The concept of time is well-played in the story, with past, present and possible futures weaving in and out of one another effortlessly; opening fantastical doors of the mind before the reader realises where they are. A great, nail-biting adventure ensues with characters that ignite the imagination. The reader feels every minute of the story and can easily relate to all the characters; their personalities, their strengths, their annoying habits, frustrations and glory-moments. With fantastic action sequences, the reader is dragged through time and space on the backs dragons. Who wouldn't want to go on that journey?
The physical book itself is a thing of beauty; a hardback production with an attention-grabbing cover inviting the reader inside. There you will find exquisite little black-and-white illustrations offsetting the scenes and creating further fascination. The effect in total is a wonderful, wonderful book; a unique story; filled with humour and heart, dramatic and exuberant giving an opportunity for us all to get lost in space and time....with dragons! Read this book NOW!

But you don't have to take my word for it. Have a look at the rest of the blog tour to say what everyone is saying about Space Dragons!

Robin Bennett is an author and entrepreneur who has written several books for children, adults, and everything in between. Listed in the Who’s Who of British Business Excellence at 29, his 2016 documentary "Fantastic Britain", about the British obsession with fantasy and folklore, won best foreign feature at the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards, and his first book for young adults, Picus the Thief, won the Writer's News Indie Published Book of the Year Award in 2012.

I want to thank Rachels' Random Resources for including me in the Space Dragons Blog Tour. For more information on this fabulous resource for authors, publishers and bloggers, follow the link. You can also find Rachels' Random Resources on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Huge thanks to Monster Books for providing me with an advance copy to read, review and love. Truly they create "Astonishing Tales for Extraordinary Minds."

And my final thanks go to Robin Bennett himself; dreamer of dreams, teller of tales, creator of worlds for dragons.


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