FAVOURITES OF THE YEAR...the last few months

In April, I offered you a glimpse of my favourite books of the year so far. (This was on 16 April, if you want to have a look back...and please do!) We're half-way through June now. The books have been coming out fast and furious. So, I thought it was time to show you all a few more of my favourite childrens' books....just a few, mind. 
Let's look at the Picture Books, first:
MOUSE and MOLE; author: Joyce Dunbar and illustrator: James Mayhew
Graffeg Press (16 May 2019)      ISBN: 9781912050406
When dear Mouse and Mole was re-issued by Graffeg Press on 16 May, I was beside myself with joy. The stories are quiet, funny and positively delightful. The illustrations provide a beautiful, warm setting for Mouse and Mole to get up to all sorts of adventures. This is classic, timeless and deserves a place on your shelf for all time.
HOW TO BE ON THE MOON; author/illustrator: Viviane Schwarz
Walker Books (6 June 2019)   ISBN: 9781406379921
Clever, warm-hearted and filled with friendship and adventure, I just love this book. The story is wonderful and witty. The characters are vivacious and filled with imagination. The illustrations; fresh, free and full of child-like wonder. Adventures are always better when you go together.
HELPING HEDGEHOG HOME (A Celestine and the Hare book)
author/creator: Karin Celestine
Graffeg (18 April 2019)    ISBN: 9781912213634
I love all of the Celestine and the Hare books, but this one was a particular delight. Adventurous, funny and clever, the clear and easy to read text make this book perfect for young readers. There is much room for both discussions about the natural world we share and for flights of the imagination. It's just brilliant!
Moving right along....
THE WRONG END OF THE STICK (Stitch and Fetch Investigate) 
author: Philip Ardagh   illustrator: Elissa Elwick
Walker Books (2 May 2019)  ISBN: 9781406376500
I am a huge fan of Philip Ardagh. This is the 2nd of the 'Stick and Fetch Investigate' books for younger, newly confident readers (or older readers who really love a funny, dramatic and well-written story) and it kept me enthralled and amused throughout. The illustrations stand out, adding to the humour and intrigue.
THE DRAGON IN THE LIBRARY  author: Louie Stowell   illustrations: Davide Ortu
Nosy Crow (6 June 2019)      ISBN: 9781788000260
An exciting story about the power of books, the library and friendship, this one is laugh-out-loud funny and totally gripping. With brilliant, diverse characters sticking together through a fast-moving tale of drama and daring-do, this is a must read.
MALAMANDER  author: Thomas Taylor
Walker Books (2 May 2019) ISBN: 9781406386288
Malamander is amazing, wondrous and completely unusual...I just love it! Combining an ancient legend of a horrible beast lurking in the waters surrounding the sleepy seaside village of  Eerie-on-Sea with a gripping, stirring missing persons investigation, this one grabbed me from the very first page. A riveting, quirky, truly magical, exceptionally imaginative and darkly funny book...you have to read it. (See you in Eerie-on-Sea!)
Chicken House Books (6 June 2019)      ISBN: 97819141490548
Molly Darling just wants her life to be simple; porridge, wellies, feeding her beloved chickens...just like that. But it isn't. Molly is a clever, funny, exasperated character caught in the middle of family drama (and as it turns out, a bit of a crime spree.)With a rolling pace, many twists and turns and a real sense of honesty and humour, the story is simply impossible to put down. Funny, well-written, just brilliant and quite insightful. What a joy!
SUMMER OF NO REGRETS   author: Kate Mallinder
Firefly Press (2 May 2019)   ISBN: 9781910080948 
This is a  real feel-good story of friendship that is quite an easy read, tackling the drama growing up and issues of diversity, family pressure, disability and foster care, it does so with a real joie-de-vivre and a lot of heart. A joy to read as 4 young friends embark on their summer of no regrets.
PERFECTLY PREVENTABLE DEATHS    author: Deirdre Sullivan
Hot Key Books (30 May 2019)          ISBN: 9781471408236
If you've been reading this blog recently, you had to see this favourite coming. And seriously, READ IT NOW. Foreboding, reflective and completely consuming, Perfectly Preventable Deaths is the stuff of dreams and nightmares.With magic at the soul of this book, its' gothic, fairytale power pulls the reader along much like the paths and tunnels in and around the fictional Ballyfrann. You may feel like you don't want to go on, but you can't stop yourself. Chilling, intriguing, brooding, heart-felt, expressive...you will get lost in this book. (Definitely YA fare...14 +, as some scenes are quite bloody and shocking....but READ IT!)

Of course, I've read so many brilliant books over the last three months. Other reviews are on the various pages in the blog, so you're bound to find a favourite or two. But the books on this list ...oh my!


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