'Tis The Season for the Bookelves!

Hi there!
Just a quick post to alert you all to the seasonal work of the Bookelves.
Everyday in the run-up to Christmas, our the busy, busy Bookelves will be posting the best book recommendations for all the young people out there, from the youngest children through to YA readers. If you want some help with a specific young person in your life, you can ask them and they will accommodate! Or, if you just want to have a look and see what they are up to, just look us up!
The Bookelves are on Facebook and Twitter (NOW!) and can be accessed by the hashtag #bookelves16.
Tonight, during the Late, Late Toy Show here in Ireland (on RTE), the Bookelves will be recommending non-stop on both Facebook and Twitter. The Late, Late Toy Show starts at 9:30pm here.
So, be sure to check the Bookelves out of Facebook and Twitter. We are here to help.


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