Keeping Us on a 'Knife Edge'

Just a few days away from Andrew Lane's visit to us in Dubray Books Galway branch, we're all on a 'Knife Edge' with excitement. I've just come across this article in the Connacht Tribune dated 15 September; 'Young Sherlock falls for Galway's charms in latest adventure' by Jessica Thompson.
I'm going to quote directly from the article here; a) so I don't get it wrong and b) because Jessica has it to a tee.

"From the moment he steps onto Galway soil at Spanish Arch, Sherlock’s stay in the West of Ireland is filled with gripping adventure and thrilling mystery. Subject to Mycroft’s quizzical mission of contacting the dead, Sherlock ends up in an ancient Irish castle near Salthill, where something very sinister is afoot.
Mycroft is in Galway to investigate a psychic who claims he can communicate with dead spies and is offering his services to the highest bidder. But somebody – or something – seems to be trying to silence the psychic. What follows is a mystery that only one as genius as Sherlock Holmes can solve."

Knife Edge is indeed a thrilling adventure. Marvellously written, it takes us on a journey right along with Sherlock from the moment he steps off the Gloria Scott at Spanish Arch until the very last page. As with all the series, the reader is given a strong sense and atmosphere of the original Arthur Conan Doyle series.
As I have mentioned before (and no doubt will mention again in the upcoming days), Andrew Lane will be at Dubray Books Galway branch on 3rd October. (The classes are coming at 11am and again at 11:45 am) I have two lucky class groups coming in to he him speak about all things Holmesian and young Sherlock's latest adventure. However, I do want to stress, anyone else who wants to drop in is more than welcome!!!! I know it's during school hours, but this is a unique chance to meet Andrew. You won't want to miss it!
Oh... by the way... of course we have all the books in the series in stock.

"Knife Edge is a thrilling tale of adventure, allowing the reader to picture Lane’s Sherlock Holmes standing by the sea or stepping off a ship at the Spanish Arch.
Andrew Lane, an author, journalist and lifelong Sherlock Holmes fan, truly brings the spirit of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character to life, reinventing the world’s most famous and loved detective as a teenage boy."


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