'Hedgehogs Do Not Like Heights' Launch

Patricia Forde will be launching her newest book for young children, 'Hedgehogs Do Not Like Heights', at Dubray Books, Galway on this Wednesday, 18th May at 11:00 am. 'Hedgehogs...' is the second in her Lola series. The first 'Frogs Do Not Like Dragons' was a huge hit with children (and me!) and was published in March 2010. These books chronicle the adventures of young Lola, who finds herself in the most awkward situations that she has difficulty getting out of due to the actions of other creatures around her. While her parents, the fire brigade, etc are rather convinced that it must all be in Lola's imagination, the evidence left behind after the events seem to point to it all being true. The books are narrated by Lola's older sister, Natalie. And they are both an absolute delight. The vibrant illustrations by Joelle Dreidemy perfectly illuminate the story.
Patricia will be joined by the 1st class children and teachers from Scoil Ide.
Also published by Patricia earlier this year was 'Citi Cearc'.


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