A Few Wonderful Picture Books for Earth Day

It is Earth Day. And we definitely need Earth Day, that reminder us of the beauty and incredible wonder that we live on. Now, I won't talk to you about all the terrible things that are happening due to our neglect of this beautiful blue ball we all call home. But I do think we owe it to Mother Earth and to our children to teach them to live in appreciation of the natural world and understand how our continued existence here is dependent on how we behave toward it. In lieu of this....I have a few picture books that may help....
I would be very remiss if I didn't start this brief post with my old favourite, The Lorax by Dr Seuss. If you don't know, the story involves a man who arrives in a forest of the most amazing, magnificent Truffula trees and immediately decides upon a quick way to make a fortune. Shortly after his endeavour begins, up pops the Lorax, who speaks for the trees because they have no voices. The Lorax issues a timely warning...which comes true in the end...

My next recommendation has to be The Trouble With Dragons by Debi Gliori. In this cautionary tale, the Earth is populated by dragons who have absolutely no concerns about how much the pollute the seas or chop down trees or eat all the food....it's their planet, after all. Why shouldn't they do whatever they want? A fantastic, simple rhyming text and beautifully detailed illustrations give a strong environmental message.

Now here is an old favourite from my childhood. More about the passage of time and the effect of urban sprawl on the life and happiness of a small, beautiful little house, The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton still holds that message of care and stewardship we need to consider more. Built with love and care on the top of a hill, the little house will "never be sold for silver or gold", its' builder expects generations to live in her and love her as he has done. So the little house sits on the top of the hill, and wonders about the city which grows closer with each passing year.

So, there's three for you....


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