Tis the Season...

Welcome December...welcome lights and trees, hot chocolate and pretty paper and bows. And as I sit here waiting to begin the Late Late Toy Show Bookelves Bonanza (see previous post...we start at 9:30pm....not long now), I also say WELCOME to Mary's Advent Calendar of Books 2017.
Each year, starting December 1st, I open a new page on this blog and begin my Christmas countdown (or is that countup?) Every new day, you will see a new book that I recommend for seasonal reading....some old, some brand new, all favourites of mine. This is something I really love doing every year. Nothing better than digging out the books and talking about them. Some of the books will be specifically Christmas themed, but some are simply 'winter' books. I try to cover all age ranges from 0 to 18. Read them by yourself or share them with friends and family over the season. Oh, and all you grown-ups out there who believe you're too old for childrens' books....don't believe that one second longer.
I also want to mention a tradition I have (and have had for quite some time). Each year, I always buy myself one special book for Christmas...usually (but not always) a beautiful, seasonal hardback picture book to keep and read over and over every holiday season. As you might imagine, the collection is getting rather extensive. Every year, the collection comes out at the beginning of December and goes 'to bed' at New Years. Something you might want to do....or maybe you have been doing this all along. It does make for a special bookish treat for Christmas.
So...look over to Mary's Advent Calendar of Books 2017 page and enjoy!


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