CBI Conference 2016 - Better Together?

There is a lot to get excited about in the childrens' books world at this time of year. The amount of new books coming out is overwhelming (almost) and the up-run to a season which I will not mention places depends on a booksellers time, energy and frankly, space. But nothing brings more excitement than the annual Childrens Books Ireland conference. Every year, CBI brings us the best and the brightest in childrens' books, authors, illustrators and publishers from across the globe in one weekend that is simply fabulous. It is an event that is designed to give us that extra boost of enthusiasm. How CBI manages to bring us a conference that gets better every year is a mystery.
This year, the theme of the conference is Better Together? and is focusing on teamwork and collaboration in childrens' publication. While writing is often seen as a solitary profession (more of a calling, really), it takes an enormous amount of collaboration to get that book to press. So...are we better together? While the process may certainly have its' pitfalls and dramas, the end results shout out a definitive yes.
This year, we will be hearing from PJ Lynch, our new laureate in conversation with Ryan Tubridy, an abundance of Katherines (Katherine Rundell, Katherine Woodfine and Katherena Vermette) in conversation with Cat Doyle, Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston JonArno Lawson and Sydney Smith....well, the programme is below so you can have a look yourself. AMAZING!
I hope to see you there!


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