Picture Books for the end of summer

August can bring that slightly rushed feeling....the summer (or, here in Ireland, what passes for it) is almost at its' end and soon we will return to life as usual. We want to get those last few days in and make them count. Whether or not you are away somewhere, enjoying a sun holiday or at home battling the heat or rain or wondering what happened to the time, picture books can bring in those last few moments of the season for everyone in the house. Here's a few that I recommend to extend that vacation feeling:
Captain Jack and the Pirates by Peter Bently; illustrations by Helen Oxenbury (9780723269298)
Two young boys at the beach are whisked away (by the power of their own imagination) on a wonderful pirate adventure. With wonderful rhyming text and Oxenburys' classic-style illustrations, this will delight.
The Cloudspotter by Tom McLaughlin (9781408854976)
There isn't a cloud that Franklin can't spot; big ones, small ones, fluffy light, silly ones....But when Scruffy Dog jumps on board, things change for Franklin...how can he concentrate with Scruffy creating so much distraction? I love Tom McLaughlin! This illustrations are fantastic; the story of friendship and cloudspotting is marvelous!
Hiding Heidi by Fiona Woodcock (9781471144486)
A beautifully illustrated, simple clear story about a little girl with a fantastic gift for hiding. Can you find Heidi? Enchanting and fun!
Bears at the Beach by Emma Carlisle (9781447257455)
This story will sound familiar to everyone who has had a day at the beach with little ones. On a day out, Little Bear takes his brand new kite to the beach. But with the beach so busy, it isn't long before Little Bear gets lost. Mama and Papa search everywhere for him, but not to worry...a clever bear with a kite can't stay lost for long. Fun adventure for everyone!
Flotsam by David Wiesner  (9781849394499)
I am a huge fan of wordless picture books, and this is one of the most evocative, beautiful and thoughtful books I've ever come across. A bright, curious boy goes to the beach in search of flotsam (any objects washed up on the shore) when he discovers an old, underwater camera. In his curiosity, he develops the film and what he discovers is simply incredible. A book you can spend hours pouring through and make new discoveries every time.

A Brave Bear by Sean Taylor; illustrated by Emily Hughes (9781406351323)
Dad Bear and Little Bear are probably the hottest thing that could be on a hot, hot day. When Little Bear suggests they go to the river to cool down, he only thinks about impressing his daddy by jumping off the rocks. Little Bear really wants to be big and brave like Dad Bear. Delightful story-telling, fantastic characters and wondrous illustrations by the creator of Wild  (another fabulous summer picture book!)

Just a few ideas for you...enjoy!


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